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Assistance from somewhere is only valuable when it comes at the right time. You can thank one of your friends only when he can help when you need it the most.

The same thing applies to the loan options. ‘A loan in need is a loan indeed’. Surprised? You should not be because it is the reality.

Loans in Ireland are the excellent surviving funding sources when an individual is facing a financial emergency.

The Irish Lending Marketplace has a huge scope of loan options, which target almost all financial issues.

There is another talk that the marketplace has the huge dominance of private money lenders in Ireland. They have come as the alternative to traditional lending largely because of their digital lending platform.

They are quick to their approach and keep the borrowers to stay away from unnecessary obligations.

Nevertheless, the question persists, is their quick loan assistance right for everyone? Or, is there any doubt in it?

Let’s discuss this in the below explanation.

Online Lending is both Quick and Right

The question that we have put in the heading of this explanation seems a bit irrelevant. Still, it does not mean that we should not discuss it. It is an important point of discussion.

The private lenders with their digital platform are known for their quick financial assistance and at the right time.

Do you want to know how? Continue to read below to get the answer to it.

1. 100% Online Process

This is the biggest proof of the asked query. The private lenders have adopted a 100% online procedure. It helps the borrowers to get quick funding when they need that desperately.

The process does not need any major steps to follow. You can fill the online loan application by sitting at your home or office. There may be a single page form that requires only the personal details to insert.

Once you submit the application, the lender quickly goes through the details, approve the application and allow same-day fund disbursal for you.

2. Obligation-Free Loans

The online application process further assists you in getting the loans without following many obligations.

For instance,

Suppose there is an individual with a poor credit score. Finding the guarantor becomes a challenge due to low creditworthiness. The primary advantage that comes with private lending is that they can offer you bad credit loans with no guarantor needed. It means you have double the advantage of getting loans with poor credit, and there is no need to delay the proceedings in finding out the guarantor.

3. Soft or No Credit Check

By taking the point of obligation-free loans, one more benefit of private lenders in Ireland is the soft credit check.

A hard credit check often denies a person from getting the loan approval. It is especially from the mainstream lenders. On the other hand, the soft credit check creates more approval chances even if you have a bad credit score.

Online lenders are known for their flexible lending. They check the credit history of the borrowers only to offer affordable loan deals. In such deals, the lenders approve the loan applications on the borrowers’ income status.

Therefore, the soft or no credit check policy ensures quick and right financial assistance for the applicants.  

4.Unsecured loans have more approval chances

Most people approach direct lenders for unsecured loans, as these are easy to get. These loans also have the benefit of getting quick funding because no collateral to intervene in the process.

You can straightaway apply for the loan and get approval if everyone goes fine. However, these loans require sufficient monthly income to acquire approval or need a guarantor to strong the loan application.


Private lending institutions may be modern in their approach and may not be as trustworthy as traditional lenders. Still, it has come as the most preferred lending institutions.

The lenders assure the borrowers with quick loan approval, and it comes at the right time. Therefore, we can find the answer to the question asked above that financial assistance in quick time or at the right time does not have any contradictions.

In fact, these two features complement each other. If there is quick financial assistance, then it can only provide the right assistance.

It is up to you which option you choose when you need it at the most.

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