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Detached from bad habits

I learnt to ride a bike to shift from college and from college to home. When I used to run my bike, I remember that I used to pay attention to using the clutch, when to apply the brake, and when to change the gear. All this had to happen while paying attention to self-driving and other vehicles.

All this was continuously driven and very soon, I time came when there was no need to see even the safety signboards. Even I did not need to choose the ways, and I used to with my constant pace. Rather I started thinking about something else instead of looking at the signboards and the route.

This brought a kind of intense feeling inside and thus building a strong habit. When we start learning a new thing or making the first effort, our brain works consciously to make positive efforts. The tendency is to keep on doing the same thing, and our brain stores the data with making pattern.

When we act with this help, we do not have to think anything and do things without making such a rigorous effort. This is because our subconscious brain acts in the same direction and thus makes habit.

For example, we think for something or someone while walking from college to home without paying attention to the routes. Our brain works in a way like making habits to free grey matter of brain for other important and new things.

Role of habits

Habits save a plenty of energy of brain because with this brains does not need to make efforts with the repeated things or tasks. These were the good things about habits and the negatives are about to mention.

Unfortunately, our brain cannot make differences between good and bad habits. Its only work to short its efforts by making habits and this creates a lot of problem for us. This makes person to grab the bad habits over good habits which leads to making bad habits constantly.

Your habits can play an important role in your success and failure. This is the reason why it is important for us to always go with good habits rather going with bad ones.

How the habits loop?

If you want to end up with your bad habits or make the new good habits, you need to know what habits exactly are made with and from. Every habit takes the three-step process to live inside us.

The first is Cue, which means trigger that makes routine, making reward and end with cue again. A trigger is something that encourages you to go with good or bad work which wakes up interest in you to make yourself with it. For example, many people start smoking when one of their friends encourages them to smoke.

Since friends impact our lives, after making frequent refusals, they have to enact and give existence to it for leisure or pleasure. Earlier their friend motivates them to smoke but one day comes when they make their friend smoke. Here their friend becomes their trigger.

Triggers can be classified into five categories:

  • Location- a specific place which triggers you to make good or bad works
  • Time
  • Emotions- sad, happy or feeling bored can take us to keep our attention on the work
  • Others- including friends, relatives and the company of generous or cruel people
  • Last action- the latest action that enforces you to make familiar with a random habit

The second is routine, which may have any form or size in terms of making them. For example, you meet your friend at a shop. You buy cigarettes, going to a particular place and lighting the stick. Finally, you are among the dopers. These things come under a routine.

The last is the reward. This is the primary step which makes certain habits, or it is solely responsible for making habits. For example, when a person smokes for the first time, he experiences a dose of Nicotine. This Nicotine is a reward for them. This makes him feel relaxed and good over anything.

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You can get rid of the habits you see are harmful even for your existence by following up the main routines that suit you. You can make yourself comfortable for the upcoming time and relate to your preferences.

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