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Fix the Priorities

A person suffered severe burns of 70% of his body part due to an accident. He had to spend three years in a hospital because of his bedridden enforcements. During those three years, they got disturbed exceptionally with the thing was the procedure of removing bandages from his body.

It is easy to remove the bandage from the skin, but it is very painful when you remove the bandage from the surface with no skin that cannot be imaginable. Every time, the nurse used to apply an ointment and remove bandages. She used to start with removing the bandage from the leg and quickly come to a head.  It took at least one hour.

This one hour was very painful to him. He used to beg the nurse and cry out to try something different idea to remove the bandages so that he will not feel any pain. The nurse ignored his request, believed that this was the only best way to remove bandages, and convinced him to sit peacefully.

He was a professor at a university. After completing three years at the hospital, he joined there to get the chance to get the answer to the experiment with what he got severe injuries.

The experiment aimed to find the best way to give someone a negative experience that offers the least amount of pain. He worked on many experiments, which helped him find that removing the bandage from his body was wrong.

He would have experienced the least pain if the nurse had started removing the bandage from the head. The nurse would have given him some breaks in between, and the procedure would have slow.

It was not that the nurse had wrong intentions to give him that pain, but their bad decision was wrong. This made him the disturbing element of the experienced nurses would have taken bad decisions. He gets disturbed by knowing that when experienced nurses can commit a huge mistake, what about normal people.

He started his studies and went into deep thinking. He found rational behaviour, which is predictable, means the people do in common and not good for us. In this blog, you shall be glorified with these mistakes, which are as follows:

The truth about relativity

He was surfing on the internet and found a magazines article that mentioned one could get an internet subscription only for 50 pounds. The print only subscription was only for 110 pounds, and print and internet subscription only for 110 pounds. Having read the three options, I found that the second option is worthless and, of course, useless.

 We have the habit of comparing things. We compare our marks, homes, salary, car, job etc., with others. This comparison, however good but sometimes takes us to do bad decisions. Like with the right decisions, you can take loans for CCJ with no guarantor to avoid such wrong decisions.          

He found that the first offer was fine, the second had no use, and the third was fantastic as it gives the two in the price of one. Perhaps, the first one was enough to get information.

Problem of Procrastination

In an experiment, he gives three assignments to his students. If the students solve them within the proposed time, they will get full marks, and they can reserve good grades in their finals. If they make late, he will deduct their scores so that their final grades will get affected.

He gives the assignments to Class A and asks them to decide their own deadlines, Class B to have no deadlines and Class C to determine the deadline by himself only. He found that Class C submitted the assignments on time and scored highest among the three. 

Class A, who affixed their own deadlines, scored well, but Class B performed the worst as there were no deadlines given to it. These results prove the law of Parkinson which states that the time we consume to finish work according to the amount of time we have.


To complete a task, it is essential to give ourselves a deadline, and if we do not complete the task, we must fix a penalty, decide the things that force us to complete the work on time.

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